The challenges ahead

22 March sees the start of the 2013 trout season on the river. We hope this season will bring a return to drier conditions than those experienced last year, when it simply rained for months on end, rendering the river unfishable for large parts of the year.

You win some/you lose some

As secretary I have heard many rumours that the club is giving up water. This is simply not true. We are committed to securing as much water as possible for the association to allow the membership 15 miles of quality river fly fishing from the Derwent road bridge to Lintzford.

We do however have to report that one of our riparian owners has decided he no longer wishes anyone to have access to the river adjacent to his land. We’re still awaiting documented clarification of the extent of the loss, but at present, as we understand it:

Members may no longer fish from the corner of the field below the new road bridge at Ebchester to the corner of what was the old village football field, and then down as far as the old Sturdy Electrics site. This only applies to the County Durham side of the river. The vast majority of the lost water can still be fished from the Northumberland side of the river, so although it’s a great loss, it could be worse.

Once we have full documented clarification from the riparian owner, we will be updating the maps on the website. We appreciate that this stretch was a favourite for many members in the Ebchester area but the committee tried their utmost to change the owners mind, to no avail.

On the plus side, the association have now acquired more fishing up from Lintzford, by agreeing rents for the Chopwell woods area on the Northumberland side of the river. We will be updating our maps shortly to reflect this.

Poaching and Pollution

Once more as the season begins so does our battle with those who through greed and ignorance break the law by fishing and taking fish without a current club or rod licence.

We have a good network of water watchers, who as well as patrolling the river, target hotspots of illegal activity. Recognising these hotspots is where we need members; help: by informing us when poachers are present, we can target our resources to effectively bailiff the area.

Pollution is a constant worry and we would ask all members to inform both club officials (at the numbers on your club licence) and the Environment Agency (at the numbers on your rod licence). If they come across obvious pollution, especially dead fish.

Alan Farbridge, Club Secretary

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