Once more a new season is upon us,full of hope and expectation.
I for one love this time of year as the first real hatches of fly escape the rivers surface.
I often wait for that magic early season hatch of dark olives that make a river come alive.
A tip I’ve learned from Stuart Croft’s a fine fisherman and entomologist is that fish fix on the crippled fly that has been damaged in the rush to break free of the river.
This accounts for a high percentage of a hatch and they are the ones that linger on the surface,easy pickings for hungry trout.
To match this don’t use the newly tied pristine fly dutifully constructed over the winter, look for the old knackered one that has been chewed a few times.
Why you ask,
Well this looks like what your trying to Imitate, missing a wing or legs stuck in the water film so don’t gink up your fly make it look a casualty.
I guarantee you will pick up more early season trout on the dry using this method .
I hope this helps but always remember fly fishing rivers is more than catching fish, it’s the smell of wild garlic as you move through a glade of blue bells to get to your favourite run.
Then when your on your own and you’re keyed in the stress and worries of modern life are stripped away and that ladies and gentlemen is a gift many people sadly never feel.
But shhhhhhhhh we do.


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