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Every year we spend a small fortune and countless hours* of precious fishing time writing, printing and sending out paper mail-outs to members. If you’re anything like we are, these are then opened, put in a big pile on the kitchen table, tidied up, and then lost within a couple of weeks. As virtually everyone has access to email nowadays, it’s much quicker, cheaper and more efficient to use this to keep in touch with members. The snag is that we’ve never asked for anyone’s email address before now, so we’re starting from scratch!

So, if you’d like to be kept up to date with club news and events, please sign up to our mailing list. We promise not to fill your mailbox up with junk and it goes without saying that we won’t be selling your email address to anyone either! We won’t be mailing you very often either, probably no more than a few times a year in fact. All club news will continue to be put on the website, and flagged up on Twitter. You can also subscribe to the site’s RSS feed, so you’ll be alerted every time the site is updated.


* Just think about how long it would take to print out 200 newsletters, then fold them into three to them into envelopes and seal them up, and then write 200 addresses on those 200 envelopes, then stick 200 stamps on the envelopes etc. It’s two solid evenings of misery, before you even get to the post box!


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