Fathers and sons (and daughters too)

One of the aims of our association is to keep a healthy junior membership as we recognise that they are the club’s future. We also realise how costly it can be to kit out a child and then buy the licence, only to find that after a couple of weeks they decide they prefer the Xboxstation.

So we’ve had an idea. Any senior member can take their own child under the age of sixteen on the river for free for a maximum of four outings. This will allow you to see whether the great outdoors and fishing in particular is what they want to do.

All you have to do is email the club through the website with the name of the senior and junior member and the day of your first outing. After the trip, please do email us and let us know whether they enjoyed the experience and if you’re planning to take them out again. And don’t forget: if they do enjoy fishing, get them joined up before the second weekend in May to qualify for the junior competition.

Remember they must be accompanied by the adult at all times, so please take advantage of this offer to encourage the younger generation to participate in a wonderful pastime.

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