A few things…

Access to the river at Shotley Bridge
Members should note that there is no access to the river from the County Durham bank between the two footbridges at Shotley Bridge (that is, the new footbridge by the car park and the the old footbridge a few hundred yards downstream). You can however still fish both banks of the river, but only from the Northumberland bank. (This shouldn’t affect anyone’s fishing as the river bank on that side is pretty much just a sheer drop so has never been practically accessible anyway.)

Fly box found at Shotley Bridge
Did anyone lose a fly box around Shotley Bridge at some time about the end of last season? If so, then please drop us a line and we can reunite it with its owner.

Tip section lost at Lintzford
A member lost the tip section of their rod on the grass at Lintzford bridge while packing up on Saturday 19 April. If any other members picked it up, please drop us a line.

Your dace or mine?
A member sent us a picture of what looked like a pretty little dace, one of a pair that he recently caught on our water. Anyone else come across any dace? (And if you have, don’t forget that as coarse fish, they’re currently in their close season, so hold off a bit before you think about targeting them.)

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