150 years and counting.

The Derwent Angling Association was formed in 1865 by local people from Shotleybridge and surrounding areas. From its very conception they took on the role of custodians of the river Derwent. Not only to fish it and tend its banks but also to fight polluters and developers from destroying it.
To this very day this ethos holds true and I’m proud to serve on the committee alongside gentlemen who are good friends and share the ideals of our Association.

To give you an idea of the time scale in 1865 the American civil war ended and I’m happy to say both we and America are still going strong.

As the year progresses we hope to add events to the calendar such as our 150th celebration meal with guest speaker Stuart Croffts on the 26th of September.
Any member wishing to attend please contact me through the web sites E mail to book your place for a cracking evening. Due to room size the first fourty people will get a place at the table so don’t hang about.

To learn more about the Association I would encourage you to read its history and articles written by Ian Colborne that are all on the web site and give a rare insight into the history of the Derwent Vally from the Romans to the present day.

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