Collection of 2021 licences

It is a club rule that all membership licences to fish on DAA water are paid for and collected before the first of MAY.

This is to allow the membership secretary to judge any availability as we now have 30 people on the waiting list.

Membership books will be removed from the Post Office after this date and the empty positions filled from the list.

Obviously, if you’re shielding for Covid, please let us know and you will not forfeit your place.

Anyone not renewing, please get in touch with membership secretary Ian Colborne on 01207 591454.

Cheers, one and all – and once it warms up have a great season.


2021 fishing permits

Derwent Angling Association 2021 licences are available for collection for members from tomorrow Tuesday 9 March at Hamsterley Colliery Post Office, 1 Victoria Terrace, NE17 7SJ.

Please collect them as soon as possible so we know where we are numbers wise.

Many thanks


AGM 2021

It will come as no surprise that due to Covid-19 we will not be holding our AGM in February.


  • There will be no increase in the price of membership next year.
  • All officials of the association will continue to stand in the coming season.
  • No changes to club rules for next season.
  • Licences will be available for collection for current members from the post office at Hamsterly Colliery Post Office approximately two weeks before the new season commences.
  • Collection updates will be made on this page and on Facebook.
  • Please use the link below to submit catch returns


Stay safe


Open for fishing


We have been informed by The Angling Trust that we can open the river Derwent to members of the association on Wednesday 13 May.

All members must apply social distancing as well as fishing a minimum of 15 meters from any other angler.

Guidance has been supplied by The Angling Trust (below) so please make your self aware of it. 

Above all BE SAFE, take no risks, and if you wish to wait longer to fish because of health reasons, please let Ian the membership secretary know your name and you will remain active until the virus is no more.

To all other members who have not taken their licence and now wish to do so it is available for collection from the post office at Hamsterley Colliery. Please use common sense when using the post office as they to are applying social distancing rules.

Any one wishing to join the association please contact membership secretary Ian on 01207 591454 as there is still limited availability.

No photo description available.

Urgent message to all members of the Derwent Angling Association

We have spoken to the powers that be and the consensus is that sadly all fishing on club waters will be suspended immediately for three weeks starting today, 24 March 2020.

It is imperative that we follow government guidelines for the safety of club members and their families. If there are any changes we will post them here immediately.

In the meantime, for the latest information, see the club’s Facebook group.

Stay safe, everyone.

Licence for 2020 season now available for collection

To all Association members of the angling club: your licences are available for collection from today at Hamsterley Colliery Post Office.

1 Victoria Terrace
Hamsterley Colliery 
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE17 7SJ
(Please check opening times)

Senior licence: £55.00
Junior licence (from 15-18): £21.00

Any problems please contact membership secretary Ian Colborne on 01207 591454.

Junior licences are free up to the age of fifteen but all juniors need to register by collecting a junior membership permit from the post office at Hamsterley Colliery (no exceptions).

Please be aware being a member of this Facebook group is not membership of the angling club.

Any group member wishing to fully join the angling club please contact Ian on the above number.

Tight lines, ladies and gentlemen

Derwent Angling Association Membership for the 2020 season

The association currently has a number of vacancies for the 2020 season so if you know of anyone who is interested or for more information please contact membership secretary Ian Colborne on 01207 591454. If he’s not in leave a message and he will contact you as soon as he can.

A senior licence is £55 
A junior licence is £21 

This allows you to fish with a fly rod and reel on approx 15 miles of river for brown trout and grayling.

2019 season licence

To all new and old members the 2019 season licences are available for collection from the post office at Hamsterly Colliery NE17 7SJ


Once more a new season is upon us,full of hope and expectation.
I for one love this time of year as the first real hatches of fly escape the rivers surface.
I often wait for that magic early season hatch of dark olives that make a river come alive.
A tip I’ve learned from Stuart Croft’s a fine fisherman and entomologist is that fish fix on the crippled fly that has been damaged in the rush to break free of the river.
This accounts for a high percentage of a hatch and they are the ones that linger on the surface,easy pickings for hungry trout.
To match this don’t use the newly tied pristine fly dutifully constructed over the winter, look for the old knackered one that has been chewed a few times.
Why you ask,
Well this looks like what your trying to Imitate, missing a wing or legs stuck in the water film so don’t gink up your fly make it look a casualty.
I guarantee you will pick up more early season trout on the dry using this method .
I hope this helps but always remember fly fishing rivers is more than catching fish, it’s the smell of wild garlic as you move through a glade of blue bells to get to your favourite run.
Then when your on your own and you’re keyed in the stress and worries of modern life are stripped away and that ladies and gentlemen is a gift many people sadly never feel.
But shhhhhhhhh we do.



A group has been formed on face book for club members. It is a closed group and is edited by the club secretary.
To join just look up Derwent angling association and apply, please let me know if you are a current or new member.
Kind regards Alan