New England international Connor Metcalfe.

Congratulations to Senior member Connor Metcalfe who is now a member of the England fly fishing team.
It’s especially pleasing as I was first introduced to Connor many years ago by his older brother Lee as a junior member and have watched him as he developed into the fine fisherman he is today.

Both Connor and Lee are active committee members and are often seen on the banks of the river, checking licences and offering advice to all who ask.

Connor is now one of 6 England internationals the Derwent has produced over the last ten years and all are a credit to the association.

Alan Farbridge

Four hours of heaven

According to the BBC weather lady the little warm spell we have been having was sadly coming to an end.
So as Friday was my day off I took the opportunity to head for our little river to catch a trout or two.

I arrived at Shotleybridge at twelve noon and stood on the new footbridge looking downstream to see if any trout were rising.
No obvious hatches were visible so I tackled up Newzealand dropper style. This involves tying on a very visible klinkhammer and adding a dropper of about 12 to16 inches from the bend of the Klink. The dropper I used was a size 18 silver beaded gold ribbed hares ear.
I figured that the warm weather would have pushed the trout up in to the more oxygenated faster water and this method over the years has caught me more fish than I care to count.
I’d decided earlier to use a 9ft mid flex 4 wht rod as this would allow me a good degree of control .
I fished through every pocket of fast water I could see and caught wild trout after wild trout as well as I’m happy to say two nice out of season Grayling.
I was surprised not to pick up any stocked fish but I put this down to the wild trout moving to faster water and the stock pond feeding patterns of stocked trout .

I moved up river for the next few hours heading for the road bridge at Allensford when I noticed a hatch of Olives starting.
I quickly switched to a remarkable fly called an Olive Jingler first shown to me by Ian Colborne and parked myself in the grass at high sandies. To my delight I only caught my first trout of the season on a dry fly, I’d love to say it was a fighting fit two pounder but it was more like 6 oz but it didn’t matter to me.
As I released him back the hatch stopped and so did the rises so off I continued onwards and upwards until I reached Allensford bridge and noticed the pool was unfishible because some bright spark upstream had been trimming branches off trees and dumped them in the river to collect below the dridge.
As I had chest waders on I spent half an hour removing the offending branches only to find the small branches were connected to rather large ones that required a lot of effort to shift.
As the pool was well and rule spooked I went above the bridge and caught a cracking 1ib wild trout, this one rising to the Klink.
As I headed back towards home I fished some slower pools using I small bloodworm imitation and low and behold my first 2015 grayling came to the net. Both about 10 inches and in top condition.
And that was that , my day was done , my four hours were up.
But great days never linger long in the memory as I’m far two busy planning my next trip out. And that’s Thursday ,Blackhall Mill to Ebchester……I can’t wait..
Tight lines.
Alan Farbridge

New fishing arrangements at Ebchester

Members both new and old need to be aware that the club no longer fishes the entire stretch at Ebchester.

Please see the revised map below. Members should access the bottom of the stretch by crossing the football pitch at the bottom of Mill Lane and then fishing upstream from the holly bush, noting the short stretch near the road bridge where fishing isn’t allowed.

We have been advised by our solicitors that if any members are approached by the landowner and told that they can no longer fish the river at Ebchester they should respond as follows:

“The club has been advised that it is in order for members to fish those parts of the river at Ebchester bordering unregistered land unless someone can prove ownership.”

Please be polite.

Any questions, please get in touch with us via the contact page above.

Many thanks

Derwent Angling Association


2015 club books now in Ebchester Post Office

Club books for 2015 are now available for renewing members to pick up from Ebchester Post Office. Licences will only be available during Post Office hours not general shop hours (9am-12.30pm on Saturday, 9am-5.30pm Monday-Friday). Licences this year cost £55 for seniors and £21 for juniors. The brown trout season opens this coming Sunday 22 March and we look forward to seeing members old and new on the river.

For all new membership enquiries, please contact the club’s membership secretary, Ian Colborne, at

2015 AGM

Just a reminder that the AGM is on Saturday 28 February at 7pm at the Crown and Crossed Swords, Shotley Bridge, and all members are welcome. 

We will also be collecting catch returns on the night, so please bring yours along, along with a pocket full of change to buy plenty of raffle tickets!

Or if you’d rather fill in your catch return online, you can do so at

Thank you and see you at the AGM

Senior Competition 2014

Derwent Angling Association is proud to announce that this year’s Senior Competition will take place at Whitton Castle lakes on Sunday 28 September, 8.30am start. Entry is £25 on a three fish kill ticket and there are prizes for heaviest bag, and for first, second and third heaviest fish. (The postcode for Witton Castle is DL14 0DE if you’re looking to programme your sat nav)

If you’d like to fish, please contact Andy on 07760 315497 to register and email

Hope to see you all there.

Scott Nellins demo on 2 August

nellinsEngland international Scott Nellins will be sharing some of his fishing secrets with club members at a special demonstration session on the river on Saturday 2 August at 11am at the iron bridge car park, Shotley Bridge.

By the age of 25, Scott had already represented England in World and European Championships together with a whole host of other international competitions at both Senior and Youth level.

A keen fly angler since the age of 10, Scott has worked in the tackle industry for six years, and currently works on key development projects for Sonik as well as covering sales in the North of England and Scotland.

Junior competition 2014 results

Congratulations to the 11 hardy souls who took part in this year’s Junior Competition. Conditions were very tough this year, with only two young anglers catching on the day. Dylan Etheridge landed the biggest fish of the day, with a hard-fighting brownie of 1lb 2oz, just edging out Ben Fletcher’s 13oz fish. No one who fished that day should be downhearted though, as former England international Jon Barnes also blanked!

Thanks to all members who helped out on the day as well as to Lawrence Hawley of Ultimate Fishing Supplies, AMH Angling, Dyer Engineering and Northumbrian Water for their generous support.

Brook lampreys spawning on the Derwent

Brook lampreys from Derwent Angling Association on Vimeo.

With thanks to Dr Stephen Westgarth.

A few things…

Access to the river at Shotley Bridge
Members should note that there is no access to the river from the County Durham bank between the two footbridges at Shotley Bridge (that is, the new footbridge by the car park and the the old footbridge a few hundred yards downstream). You can however still fish both banks of the river, but only from the Northumberland bank. (This shouldn’t affect anyone’s fishing as the river bank on that side is pretty much just a sheer drop so has never been practically accessible anyway.)

Fly box found at Shotley Bridge
Did anyone lose a fly box around Shotley Bridge at some time about the end of last season? If so, then please drop us a line and we can reunite it with its owner.

Tip section lost at Lintzford
A member lost the tip section of their rod on the grass at Lintzford bridge while packing up on Saturday 19 April. If any other members picked it up, please drop us a line.

Your dace or mine?
A member sent us a picture of what looked like a pretty little dace, one of a pair that he recently caught on our water. Anyone else come across any dace? (And if you have, don’t forget that as coarse fish, they’re currently in their close season, so hold off a bit before you think about targeting them.)