Winters end

I’m sure the odd brave sole who has ventured onto the river early season may have caught that  first elusive trout but it’s far to cold for me. I will wait a couple of weeks for spring to kick in before wetting  a line, mind you looking at the weather forecast it may be sometime.

It appears global warming has passed the River Derwent by, but I’m sure as soon as that temperature gauge starts rising so will the trout and the season will kick off .

All is not lost as I’ve been tying flies by the dozen, mostly traditional patterns and some with a few modern twists. TRIGGER points seem to be the in thing at present, a bead or a hot spot a touch of flash or a fluorescent tail I’ve tied the lot. But to be honest the best wet river fly is called the (bed bug) named after its creator Ian Colborne our current membership secretary . How does he make it , I haven’t a clue, ask him when you see him on the river but don’t be disappointed if all you get in reply is a smile and the shake of his head, he will offer you the fly out of his box but not the recipe as some secrets are worth keeping.

For me the best dry fly is the olive Jingler, a scotish fly that was a big secret for many years but a close second is the F fly an old favourite of mine. Once the fish have moved out of the deep water into the more oxygenated faster flows nothing beats the duo method.

This method fishes well in pocket water and last season I watched Ian fishing this thin water on the duo down stream of the new foot bridge at Shotley grove. In a hundred and fifty yards he hooked over twenty trout and grayling in water 99% of fisherman simply walk by, it was a joy to watch and that’s the day he got the nickname the fish whisperer. A joke between two friends (of course) and we laugh about it still but watching Ian that day he was definitely doing something right.




Tree removal

As I’m sure many members have noticed the fallen tree blocking the river at high sandies just below Allansford has been removed. Many thanks to the Tyne Rivers Trust in conjunction with Cowie estates for there help with this matter. Other trees that showed significant damage have also been removed as they were becoming a danger to walkers.


The club currently have a vacancies for both senior and junior members.
Anyone interested in joining should contact Ian Colborne on 01207 591454

DAA 2018 season licence to fish

The 2018 licence for current and new members will be available for collection from THURSDAY THE 15th of MARCH from the post office at Hamsterley Colliery .
1 Victoria Terrace, Hamsterley Colliery . NE17 7SJ. OPENING TIMES MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9am to 5.30pm. , Saturday to 1pm.
Any problems please contact Ian the membership secretary on 01207 591454


The weir at Shotley Bridge will have a multi species fish pass built in 2018 to allow free passage of all species to spawning grounds in the upper Derwent.
This will be built by a collaboration between the Environment Agency and the Tyne RiversTrust exercising powers contained in the fisheries act of 1975.

This is good news as it will allow Grayling and Brown Trout better access to the upper river.
Of course migratory fish will also use this pass but it is expected these will be mainly sea trout as the river does not have the conditions (natural spates) to allow Salmon in any great numbers to spawn.

This said we as an association fish only for Brown Trout and Grayling and it is an association rule that any migratory fish caught by accident are to be released back into the river.

I will be discussing in more detail the logistics of the project at a meeting in March with the involved parties and will up date the web site when more information is made available to me.


The 20018 annual general meeting for the members of the Derwent Angling Association will be held on Saturday the 24th of February at the Crown and Cross Swords public house in the village of Shotley Bridge near Consett.
All current members are encouraged to attend , the meeting will begin at approx 19.30.
Come early to get a seat.

May fly , dry fly heaven

I can report that the May fly hatch has well and truly started with fish rising freely to well presented dry flys in all areas fished  by the association..

The weather has been glorious but this has affected the river as it is already at summer levels.

We have been informed that Tyne compensation water is being pumped from riding mill to below the reservoir .

So do not be alarmed if the river at times is coloured when no rain has occurred.


Poaching on the river Derwent

I’m happy to announce that two people spinning were arrested at Alansford by police officers. The did not have club licences and or rod licences. The police were alerted by a club member.
On another occasion a member contacted a club official about two unsavoury characters once more in the Alansford area. The Official challenged these poachers who refused to show any fishing or rod licences. When they were informed the police would be called they ran off with there tackle and got in their car and left.
They were left under no allusion the consequences of returning and once more I thank club members for contacting club officials when observing ileagle fishing.

Collection of 2017 fishing licences

From imediate affect Members can collect thier licence from the Post Office Hamsterley Colliery NE17 7SJ. There is no increase in licence fee for the 2017 season, any queries please contact the membership secretary.
Have a fantastic and rewarding season, tight lines.

Membership availability

The association currently have vacancies for both senior and junior members to fish the river Derwent for brown trout and grayling.
At present there is no joining fee, the cost of a senior licence is £55.00  and £21.00 for juniors.
Please apply through the website or contact the membership secretary Ian on 01207591454