The 20018 annual general meeting for the members of the Derwent Angling Association will be held on Saturday the 24th of February at the Crown and Cross Swords public house in the village of Shotley Bridge near Consett.
All current members are encouraged to attend , the meeting will begin at approx 19.30.
Come early to get a seat.

May fly , dry fly heaven

I can report that the May fly hatch has well and truly started with fish rising freely to well presented dry flys in all areas fished  by the association..

The weather has been glorious but this has affected the river as it is already at summer levels.

We have been informed that Tyne compensation water is being pumped from riding mill to below the reservoir .

So do not be alarmed if the river at times is coloured when no rain has occurred.


Poaching on the river Derwent

I’m happy to announce that two people spinning were arrested at Alansford by police officers. The did not have club licences and or rod licences. The police were alerted by a club member.
On another occasion a member contacted a club official about two unsavoury characters once more in the Alansford area. The Official challenged these poachers who refused to show any fishing or rod licences. When they were informed the police would be called they ran off with there tackle and got in their car and left.
They were left under no allusion the consequences of returning and once more I thank club members for contacting club officials when observing ileagle fishing.

Collection of 2017 fishing licences

From imediate affect Members can collect thier licence from the Post Office Hamsterley Colliery NE17 7SJ. There is no increase in licence fee for the 2017 season, any queries please contact the membership secretary.
Have a fantastic and rewarding season, tight lines.

Membership availability

The association currently have vacancies for both senior and junior members to fish the river Derwent for brown trout and grayling.
At present there is no joining fee, the cost of a senior licence is £55.00  and £21.00 for juniors.
Please apply through the website or contact the membership secretary Ian on 01207591454

Catch returns 2016

It’s very useful for the club to have a record of how many fish are being caught on the river, so if you haven’t submitted a paper return for the 2016 season, could we ask all members to complete our online catch return form. We’re not asking how many fish you took from the river – just how many you caught. The survey will be open until 15 April 2017.

Annual General Meeting 2017

All members are welcome to attend the associations annual general meeting to be held in the crown and cross swords public house in ShotleyBridge near Consett.
The meeting will be held in the large room upstairs Saturday  the 25-02-2017 and commence at approx 7 pm.
Please feel free to attend and meet other members of the association and discuss and ideas you may have to improve the association.
Kind regards Alan

Bill Thompson

It is with great sadness that I write to inform the membership that Bill Thompson has sadly passed away.
Bill was a true gentleman and a fine fisherman who served on the committee of our association for many years. He became club secretary when the club was in decline and its future looked bleak. But with Bill at the helm and a rejuvenated committee the club under his stewardship went from strength to strength.
It was Bill that handed the job to me and Ian and I was often on the phone for advice for the first year or three.
His hat, for many many years, was pinched from his head and used for the drawing of various club raffles, much to his delight.
Nothing was ever too much trouble for Bill as he loved the Derwent valley and of course the river Derwent He was proud as punch when his grandsons fished the junior competitions and he was often seen on the river with his son Lloyd enjoying a days fishing.
When the association celebrated its 150th anniversary both Bill and Lloyd were invited and happily attended to help to make it a memorable event where many fishermans tales of the one that got away were told.
He will be missed by all who had the pleasure to know him.
Bill Thompson, club secretary and president of the Derwent Angling Association a good friend and a fine angler. Rest in peace.
The funeral service will take place on the 1st of June at 2pm at St Ives Church Leadgate then moving to the mount set crematorium then on to the Grey Horse public house.

Ebchester fishing

The area that has been closed to members for a number of years is once more available to fish.
The area has been split into two beats.
Beat one begins from the Durham side below the weir at Ebchester to five yards below the road bridge.
Beat two begins approximately twenty yards below the road bridge and ends at the holly bush at the corner of the field.
Beat signage is at the beginning and end of each beat attached to trees in the form of steel arrows pointing in the correct direction along with more normal DAA signs.
It is important that members fish only between these arrows in these two areas so not to encroach on land not controlled by the association.
No change has been made to fishing below and above the footbridge at ebchester and can be fished from the Northumbrian side as normal.
Any problems please contact club officials
Alan …..

Me a Brown trout and a wee red tag

From today the 21st of April I have nine days free from work. I have been given a list of jobs by my better half and today I promised to repaint some skirting boards.
I had every intention of making good on this promise but could not resist checking the forecast for the week ahead.
In my defence the forecast for today was sixteen degrees then seven for the rest of the week.
I considered the consequences of any decision that did not involve a paint brush.
I did not make the sensible decision but I made the one involving me heading to Ebchester to see if I could tempt a trout or two.
I walked down to the lower Ebchester beat below the footbridge and picked a good spot, got comfortable and simply watched the river for any sign of life. After about ten minutes a rising trout taking early Olives caught my eye.
My fist thought was a klinkhammer and as I fished through my fly box for a good Olive imitation my eye was drawn towards a neat row of red tags.
This is my go to fly when Grayling are rising and a favourite of mine so on it went.
The Trout was rising opposite me and the back cast had to be threaded between two trees. In this situation I ignore the forward cast and roughly aiming above the rising fish. The skill is to airiate enough fly line to reach my prey without loosing my fly in the trees.
Im proud to think I’m a canny caster as growing up fishing the Derwent has forced me to improve my technique or spend more time tying replacement flies.
So after my second cast to my first rising trout of the season I only went and caught it.Id like to report it was three pounds but it wasn’t, it was about half a pound and a wild trout to boot. After carefully releasing my prize I sat down to await any further rises but the fishing gods deserted me. I strolled along the bank working my way up to the road bridge without any signs of life. So I found a rock got myself comfortable and took half an hour just watching the river and enjoying what was a glorious spring day.
I bumped into a couple of members and we chatted about the river and we all moaned about the horrible weather we were having and how the early fishing was poor. Quite ironic as we stood in sixteen degrees of sunshine but it’s forcast snow next week and I did promise to get those skirting boards painted.