The weir at Shotley Bridge will have a multi species fish pass built in 2018 to allow free passage of all species to spawning grounds in the upper Derwent.
This will be built by a collaboration between the Environment Agency and the Tyne RiversTrust exercising powers contained in the fisheries act of 1975.

This is good news as it will allow Grayling and Brown Trout better access to the upper river.
Of course migratory fish will also use this pass but it is expected these will be mainly sea trout as the river does not have the conditions (natural spates) to allow Salmon in any great numbers to spawn.

This said we as an association fish only for Brown Trout and Grayling and it is an association rule that any migratory fish caught by accident are to be released back into the river.

I will be discussing in more detail the logistics of the project at a meeting in March with the involved parties and will up date the web site when more information is made available to me.

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