River of Eternal Youth: The History of the Derwent Angling Association

While commercial fisheries and syndicates have removed much of our reliance on the clubs and associations, millions of fishermen still depend on angling societies to provide them with their sport. Some clubs are comparatively new, yet most can trace their origins back to at least the middle of the last century and while the committee men and women that run them are all-too-often unloved, they’re invariably people without whom the organisations themselves simply couldn’t exist.

This is the story of possibly the oldest angling association in the north east of England, the invaluable work of its many committee members down the generations, and the fishing its members have enjoyed. Today it controls some 15 miles of trout and grayling fishing on the River Derwent, but its presence on the river goes right back to the 1860s – the decade of the American Civil War, the discovery of genetics and the invention of a strange new sport called skiing.

Written by Pete McParlin

The History of the Derwent Angling Association, part one: the early years
The History of the Derwent Angling Association, part two: 1890-1945
The History of the Derwent Angling Association, part three: 1946-2010

©2009 Pete McParlin and Derwent Angling Association

With thanks to the Committee of Derwent Angling Association for the loan of their archived records. The author would like to thank in particular Alan Farbridge for his invaluable information and for bringing these archived records to his attention in the first place.